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 About Bolabet

After confirmation, the Bolabet becomes irrevocable and the associated bet is irrevocably debited from availabilities according to the terms of the “General Terms and Conditions of Bolabet’s online gaming offer”. The cancellation of a bet by the player is not possible.

The Bolabet betting summary screen mentions the sporting event(s), the bet(s) and associated Bolabet forecasts made by the player, the game formula selected as well as the amount of the total bet and the total amount of possible winnings relating to the bet combinations. The player can check the status of his Bolabet predictions and bets by consulting his bet history in his BOLABET® account. The mention on the screen “In progress” means that the recording of the Bolabet forecasts and Bolabet predictions is not confirmed. This screen is presented to the player for information only and cannot be used as proof of play. Only the computer records sealed by Bolabet are authentic. In the event that the player’s bet has not been registered for any reason whatsoever, the amount initially debited will be returned to the player on his availability as soon as possible and at the latest the following day of setting the Bolabet predictions. The table below presents all the game possibilities that may be offered to players for the “single”, “combined” and “multiple” Bolabet forecasts and game formulas, subject to the provisions of Article 6.

The player selects the amount of a base bet applicable to each combination of the selected Bolabet game formula.



Subject to the provisions of article 6 and within the limits of the Tip1x2 of sub-article 3.2.3, the maximum and minimum amounts of the basic bet are defined by Bolabet. The amount of the basic tip1x2 that can be placed by the player can be between 0.10 euros and 50,000 euros. The amount of the basic tip1x2 can be defined up to the hundredth of a euro at the player’s choice.

The total bet of the tip1x2 to be paid by the player corresponds to the amount of his basic bet, multiplied by the number of combination(s) selected. Pursuant to the provisions of the “General Terms and Conditions of the Bolabet Online Games Offer” and subject to the provisions of Article 6, the total amount of a tip1x2 is limited to the amount of cash available in the BOLABET account of the player and is capped at 50,000 euros.

The player has in his BOLABET® account a “Bolabet Fixed Match” compartment funded in accordance with the provisions of the general conditions of the online games offer. The player can accumulate several Bolabet Fixed Matches within the same bet, but only bets whose total bet is less than or equal to the balance of the player’s Bolabet Fixed Match compartment can be made as a free bet. Indeed, it is not possible to complete the amount of the total bet of the tip1x2 with other types of availability. If the player ticks “play as a Bolabet Fixed Match”, then the amount of the potential win is updated and equals the amount of the net win according to the following calculation: Net win = stake x (odds – 1). If he wins, the player’s BOLABET® account is credited with the amount of the net win of the Bolabet Fixed Matches. In the event of cancellation of a tip1x2, the refund is made as a free bet to the player’s BOLABET® account. In this case, the new Bolabet Fixed Matches thus paid into the player’s free bet compartment is valid for 15 days, regardless of the validity period of the initial Bolabet Fixed Match.



Soccerfixed is a feature that allows players to place their bets before their final outcome is known. The activation of Soccerfixed takes the form of a financial offer made to players before or during a sporting event on which the Bolabet relates. The amount of the Cash Out financial proposal displayed is calculated in particular on a principle of differential between the current Soccerfixed odds of the bet concerned and the initial odds of the latter at the time of its validation by the player. This Soccerfixed amount may therefore be lower or higher than the player’s initial bet depending on the evolution of the sporting event in progress and/or the bet concerned.

The Footballfixed feature:

– Footballfixed can be offered pre-match and/or live. – may not be available on all media, for all types of bet, for all sporting events and for all sports. – Footballfixed is only available on the single and combined betting formulas – For the combined betting formula, all the Footballfixed bets making up the combination must be eligible for Cash Out.

Bets made partially or totally with Soccerfixed free bets are not eligible for Cash Out. When the player activates the Cash Out feature on a bet eligible for the boosted handset offer, the amount of the Cash Out financial proposal offered excludes the bonus linked to the Soccerfixed boosted handset.


Vip Fixed Matches

Terms of activation of the Vip Fixed Matches functionality:

Once connected to his BOLABET® account, the player finds all of his Vip Fixed Matches eligible for Cash Out on the page dedicated to the offer on the Bolabet and Betway1x2 online site. Each of its Cash Out eligible Vip Fixed Matches is associated with a specific button which indicates the amount of the Cash Out financial proposition.

By clicking on the Bolabet Fixed button, the player accepts the financial proposal appearing on the Cash Out button and after validation by Bolabet of the activation of the Cash Out, the player’s BOLABET® account is credited with the amount thereof. Once the Bolabet Fixed activation has been confirmed and the amount credited to the player’s BOLABET® account, the bet is immediately terminated. – The activation by the player of the Bolabet Fixed functionality may fail if the selected Vip Fixed Match is suspended in accordance with Article 6.5 of these rules or if an odds change is in progress on the latter. – If the Vip Fixed Match activation fails, an error message is displayed.

If the Vip Fixed Match is still eligible for Cash Out, a new Cash Out financial proposal may be offered based on the evolution of the Vip Fixed Matches of the sporting event and/or the bet concerned.


Bet Odd Fixed Matches

An activated and validated Bet Odd Fixed Matches cannot be canceled. Consequently, the provisions of article 5 of these rules do not apply to Bet odd fixed matches for which a Cash Out has been activated and validated.

The promulgation of the results of the Bet Odd Fixed Matches is the act by which Bolabet notes the results of the sports events supporting the bets that it organizes and with regard to which it determines the winnings of the winners.

Whatever the sport, only the results obtained on the ground or at the end of the sporting event announced by the organizer of the event are taken into account. The results modified following a disciplinary measure before a sporting court or not, or following a decision of the competent authorities, when these results have already been the subject of a first announcement by the organizer of the Bet Odd Fixed Match, are not taken into account when the promulgation of the results has already been carried out by Bolabet.


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